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Software Development

I love coffee and solving problems!

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Hi there, I'm Raphael Marques

I'm a Software Developer with over 2 years specializing in frontend web development, and I happily lend a hand with backend tasks when needed.

My journey began in a multinational company, immersing myself in the frontend of large projects. Collaborating with an international team polished not only my technical skills but also enhanced my English proficiency.

I'm fueled by a love for coffee and problem-solving. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, I'm constantly seeking to understand the inner workings of the technology field, from data structures and algorithms to UI/UX experiences. I find joy in understanding how these pieces come together through smart work to create scalable and efficient solutions that can make a meaningful impact. Additionally, I actively contribute to the tech community by organizing events and giving talks and workshops.

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Work Experience

  • SmarttBot

    Junior Front-end Developer

    As a Junior Frontend Developer at SmarttBot, a fintech company specializing in automated day trading solutions, I maintain a diverse portfolio of impactful projects. My role involves maintaining and spearheading the frontend development of some innovative solutions to facilitate the life of investors.

    07/22 | Present

  • Symplicity Brasil

    Front-end Intern

    Front end Intern, daily contact with HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Sass, Accessibility and working along with the American team.

    06/21 | 06/22

  • Sotreq S/A

    Systems and Processes Technical Intern

    Daily contact with VBA, QA tests related to the SAP systems, use of Access database in order to consolidate information from forms, generate monthly reports, update invoice information issued to Vale S/A and register on the company's portal.

    03/19 - 03/20


Centro Universitário Newton Paiva

Bachelor, Information Systems - Full Scholarship ProUni

08/20 - 8th Semester

Senai Fatec BH

Technical Course, Systems Development

08/18 - 02/20


AWS Academy Cloud Foundations

AWS Academy
CertificateLink to see the certificate

React Query

CertificateLink to see the certificate

Advanced JavaScript

CertificateLink to see the certificate

Fluency Academy Online Business English Course

Fluency Academy
CertificateLink to see the certificate

Ignite Program - ReactJS Path

CertificateLink to see the certificate

Understanding TypeScript - 2022 Edition

CertificateLink to google drive to see the certificate

NodeJS and MongoDB

CertificateLink to google drive to see the certificate

Virtual Exchange - Academia and Society - Collaboration Across Borders

Centro Universitário Newton Paiva & NY Tech
CertificateLink to the certificate

Embaixador no Projeto VUEI -

Centro Universitário Newton Paiva
CertificateLink to vuei 1 certification Certificate - 2nd placeLink to vuei 2 certificate

Fluency Academy Online English Course

Fluency Academy
CertificateLink to Fluency Academy certificate


Brazilian Portuguese



Advanced - C1 level


I have experience with

Styled Components
React Router
React Query

I'm currently learning

React Native


RS/XP Card

Technologies: Next, TypeScript, Tailwind

Coffee Delivery

Technologies: ReactJS, TypeScript, Styled Components

ToDo List

Technologies: ReactJS, TypeScript, Sass Modules

Beauty Salon

Technologies: HTML, CSS and JS

Dev Finances $

Technologies: HTML, CSS and JS

Memory game

Technologies: HTML, CSS and JS

NLW Heat

Technologies: HTML, CSS and JS


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